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"When it comes to land, they're not making any more of it."

That's what Grandmother Clara would say to my cousin, Steven Paine, the Manager of the McLean Game Refuge.  I imagine you, too, share a similar passion for land preservation. 

As a McLean Trustee and Chair of the McLean Development Committee, and a business owner of a recycling company, I often think of the expression – six degrees of separation.  We're all connected within this web of life, and the Game Refuge is part of our web, community and quality of life.  

In our rush to the future, with streamlined systems and efficiencies, cell phones and Twitter, the McLean Game Refuge provides us a different opportunity for connection: one of quiet reflection, observation, and appreciation. 

But as a living and breathing entity, the McLean Game Refuge requires care, attention, protection and healthy management, all sustained through charitable support.  Trails need grooming, fields become overgrown and need tending. Rare plants are protected and recorded in a national database. 

The McLean Game Refuge is a sanctuary for all creatures great and small, and relies upon our charitable support for sustainability.  I hope you will join me with your support.

With best regards,


Trustee, McLean
Chair, McLean Development Committee


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